Twas the Night Before Gym Day

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Written By Jenn Zedaker

Twas the night before gym day, I lay awake with my thoughts
I was nervous and unsure, I felt a bit lost
My sneakers were placed by my gym bag with care
In hopes that new gains, would soon be there

The family was all snuggled & tucked into bed
While visions of running danced in my head
“I will die, I can’t do it, I’m not going, I quit!”
Oh but how I longed to be stronger and fit.

And so to the gym I went, I squatted and pressed
With the bar full of weights, I gave it my best
On Mondays I jumped rope, with loud grunts and sweat
On Tuesdays I lifted, my heavy superset

On Wednesdays I pushed, with all of my might
On Thursdays I pulled, I put up a good fight
On Fridays I swung kettlebells, like a machine
On Saturdays I stretched, and used icy hot cream

On Sundays I food prepped, I cooked and I baked
Cutting and chopping, there was so much to make
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature change when I measured my rear!

A little curved muscle, so round and so cute,
I knew in a minute, it must be my glute!
More leaner I grew, the muscles all gleamed
I shouted with laughter, Could it all be a dream?

But it wasn’t my imagination, it was true, it was real
I was stronger and lighter, oh the happiness I could feel!
It wasn’t so easy, but to the challenge I arose
Oh, how much fun it was, to buy some new clothes!

But the best part you see, is the feeling inside
I was proud, I was strong, I felt so alive!
So if you’re thinking about trying to reach your new goals
Perhaps gain some muscle or lose a few rolls?

Don’t give up, you can do it, your health means the world
To me as your trainer, your friend, your “you can do it!” girl
You must want it for you, you deserve it you do.
Not just to look good, but to feel it all too!

This year may all of your dreams come true
But most of all, I wish for you to love YOU!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year!
Warm wishes to you for peace, joy and cheer

A playful twist based off Clement Moore's original poem "The Night Before Christmas"

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