Nutrition Coaching

"A diet is what you eat everyday"

Weekly Review

Get helpful feedback without the judgement. Find out what foods are supporting your goals and which could be hindering your hard work. Food choices are always yours to make. You can track your food in the in-app log, take pictures, or use an existing food tracking system.

Not Just Counting!

There are many theories as far as the best way to track food intake. While counting calories can be helpful, it is not always the best options for everyone. You will be able to pick from multiple options and adjust as your program progresses.

Build Your Meals

Most "elite" programs advertise their great meal plans. How many "plans" have you tried just to realize it wasn't sustainable? This is because they are often strict, unrealistic meals and don't actually teach you anything! "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for the day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for life". Your program will give you skills to last a lifetime.

Carbs, Fat, & Gluten Oh My!

Now more than ever you hear about Paleo, Ketogenic, Gluten-Free and so many other types of diets. Each have benefits but they are not always necessary. Learn more about the pros and cons and make choices based on you, not the hype. If you think you have an intolerance, the programs tracking capabilities can provide a great resource to learn more about your body and food.

Nutrition Session Topics

  • Portions – Without the Kitchen Gadgets
  • Understanding Complex & Simple Carbs
  • What’s A Macro
  • Food Prepping
  • Planning for the Week
  • Food Shopping Tips and Tricks
  • Eating Health is Too Expensive (busted)
  • Reading Food Labels
  • How to Avoid “trigger” eating
  • Eat Out & Stay on Track
  • Pre-Post Workout Meals
  • Understanding Macros – Fat, Protein, Carbs

*Nutrition Coaching is a form of coaching to help you make the best choices for your goals, lifestyle and preferences. No specific meals plans are provided or recommended during the program. 




3 Min. from  Quakertown turnpike