We separate our days into two categories, good days and bad days. If you think about what makes a “good” day you’ll often find that things went your way. Maybe you got a new pair of shoes or tasted your first pumpkin spiced latte of the season. Whatever it was that made you happy, it’s typically short lived. It’s almost impossible to apply these “moments” when you really need them. You never get reamed out by your boss and think “this sucks, but hey, I had a pumpkin spiced latte, I’m happy”. (Maybe in a snickers commercial)

So creates the insatiable need to constantly chase “happy”. We “pin” how our house should look & we “follow” people with the type of body we want. We spend every day, running in circles, always looking for what’s going to make us happy next. And who can blame us? FaceBook, Instagram, movies, ads, they all tell us what happy “looks” like.

Take Pinterest for example. This app of Martha freakin Stewart perfection can be a real nut kicker. Miracle cure for cellulite, pinned it. Easy decorations made from recyclables, pinned it. That magazine living room makeover, pinned it. In less than 5 minutes you have 50 new pins and expectations that are higher than Snoop Dog. The reality…? That miracle cure will probably leave a weird rash on your ass, your recycled decorations will be so bad you’ll want to say it was your kid’s craft (even if they’re 15), and your new living room will end up full of random items from target giving it a vibe somewhere between country, industrial and wtf.

The truth is, happiness is an idea; it’s a perceived thought. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell it. Don’t let them fool you. You can’t “like it”, “pin it” “follow it” or buy it. It’s a way of life, something you experience; & it’s found in your well-being.  Your well-being encompasses your emotions, physical & mental health, along with relationships. Think of your well-being like a continuous work of art, crafted over time that you get to enjoy every day. A latte may bring you a few minutes of “feel good” but learning to apply mindful meditation can change your reaction to stress. That next ass chewing from your boss will go in one ear and out the other. Something a snicker won’t really give you.  Turn the focus to your well-being each day and reap the rewards much bigger than latte’s and new shoes.

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