Family Movie Night!

This game was inspired by wanting to bring something familiar to a rather unfamiliar time. This quarantine has been hard on the kids. Movie nights are fun but so is going to the movie theater. The whole experience for kids to get their tickets, order popcorn and favorite candy is fun. So that’s exactly what they got to do and they loved it! I hope your kids will as well 🙂

What you’ll need:

  • Printer, scissors and glue
  • Special treat, popcorn, and drinks. You can make your own menu! You could add your “menu items” to a chalk board or dry erase board instead of printing.
  • Play money (we used our monopoly game money and it worked perfect!)

Prior to movie:

  • Print and cut movie tickets. I glued them together. If you want to create your own, I used Canva template “Gold and Black Classic Movie Ticket”. I then added our family name and a few funny details. (see above)
  • Print and prepare menu. I made a big batch of popcorn and bought mini canned sodas, & $1 candy boxes at the store. All snacks and entrees were picked from what we already had. You could omit that part if you already had dinner or make it as fancy as you want. 

How to play:

1. Line up popcorn, drinks, and candy so they see their options. 

2.  Give each child 20 “dollars” (again we used monopoly money) and let them pick their items. They have to figure out how much they can buy, which is also why I came up with the combos to see how they could best spend their money.

3. Each child has to “buy a ticket” and tell you how much change they are owed.

4. Next, have each child order their drink, snacks etc and add up what they owe you. Then, have them figure out what change you need. You can let them take turns playing different roles.

5. Enjoy a family movie! There are so many available to stream or you can watch an old classic. 

These times are stressful but our kids still deserve to have some fun and a bit of normalcy! Fitness and health is about mental health just as much as the physical health. You can add in smoothies or fruit bowls, any healthy additions to your menu as you’d like. I opted to go more “movie theater” style then overboard on healthy. Make the experience fun and change it up to best suite your family 🙂

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