Easter Snack Bar

Easter Snack Bar

It’s been almost 4 weeks that we’ve been at home 24/7. One beautiful thing about being home I have discovered is the ability to create moments together. Yes, there is sibling fighting, some days A LOT. But in between all the chaos are these little experiences we get to build so our kids have fond memeories of what is now a scary time. We get to create this safe little bubble & coming up with new ideas is fun.

My absolute favorite part of this all was the chatting they are did while they made them. Snack time was turning into random in and out of the kitchen here and there. This brought us all in at the same time and allowed us to spend time together. They giggled, debated over which candy they wanted and mixed and matched their bowls. It was fun to sit back and watch them enjoy the experience.

Kids can be picky or have food allergies (yes to both in this household) and that makes feeding them all the same thing difficult on most days. Every holidays I always make up fun snack mixes. In the summer I make smore themed mixes to get them excited about fires. In the fall I’ll do silly Halloween theme mixes. But this time I opted to let the kids make their own individual batches. I was able to have both the gluten free & nut options. They really appreciated it. It was a big hit!

The fun part about this idea is it opens up so many other cool ideas. You could make a fruit bowl bar, smoothie bar; the sky is the limit! We ran out of plain chex so I improvised with popcorn. It’s not my favorite but it worked. This is not a great option if you want the mix to last more than a day or two either. For this batch we used:

  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels (Regular & Gluten Free)
  • Almonds
  • Cheddar Bunnies
  • Cadbury Egg Minis
  • Sweet Tart Chews
  • Marshmallows¬†

If you notice the measuring cups in the background these helped portion the kids snacks. They could only use the big cups on the popcorn and pretzels. I used tiny little cups for the candy (1/8 cup) This allowed them to add their own without any arguments of “I want more”. I just simply said how many scoops and they went to town. They never even batted an eye! I also limited to picking one type of candy. Once they made a small bowl and mixed the remaining ingredients into 2 batches. (one gluten free) It wasn’t messy and super easy.¬†

Hope you enjoy this fun snack! What would you use in your snack bar? One idea I had, was to create stations for each snack. Then you could teach stations of the cross. It would be an engaging and positive way to talk about Easter and why we celebrate. Happy Easter & many blessings to you and your family.

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