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Program Descriptions

Just Move

Just Move is aimed to get you moving! These are quick 30 minutes or less workouts that will get the blood flowing and muscles pumping. Start off slow & build stamina and endurance each week. This program utilizes body weight exercises with minimal accessories including bands, jump ropes, and household items. This program involves circuit training, body weight resistance and high intensity workouts; perfect for anyone who wants to increase energy, burn calories, and is short on time.

Move With Purpose

Move with Purpose is geared towards building lean muscle & increasing strength! This program challenges & targets each & every muscle group. This means you will never plateau, never get bored and each week builds on the previous. This is a great program for increasing strength and body recomp. 2+ sets of dumbbells is required to get the full benefit of this program.

Easy Moving

Easy Moving is a combination of stretching & strengthening. Through guided movements you will feel better and better after each flow. This is for anyone who experiences delayed muscle soreness, wants to improve posture or combat aches and pains. These weekly mobility routines will teach you to foam roll, release sore muscles and improve flexibility. As a result this will help reduce injury, improve posture and feel good every day! A perfect addition to Just Move or Move With Purpose!

Program Features

Cardio + Resistance Training


4 Weekly Workouts

HIIT & Circuit training

Little to no equipment needed

Only 30 min or less

Progress Tracking

Form Check Feedback*

Unlimited messaging in-app & emails 

Strength  + Conditioning Training


4-5  Weekly Workouts

Upper, Lower Splits

Full Body + Core Exercises

Dumbbells Required

30-60 min Workouts

Progress Tracking

Form Check Feedback* 

Unlimited messaging in-app & emails 

Mobility & Flexibility


2 Full Body Flows Weekly

New Focus Each Week

Practice Work

Foam Rolling  Techniques

Unlimited messaging in-app & emails 

*Form Check is an in-app feature which allows you to  request feedback on your form! Just like  personal training!

Want to add Easy Moving to one of the other programs? No problem! Add on for only $20!

Additional Add-On Features

Check-In Calls, Nutrition Tracking, Habit Trackers, Assessments, Challenges, 

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Online training combines professional programming with at home workouts! Programming provides accountability, motivation and takes out all the guess work! Good programming also ensures you target all the major muscle groups. You can now choose from 3 memberships based on your goals and budget. Each option comes with instructional videos, weekly workouts and an easy to navigate app.