12 Week Program

Program Description

You won’t find a one size fits all program here! All 12 week programs are completely custom and tailored to what YOU need. Choose from services based on your goals and what will help support you.  Services include virtual personal training, nutrition coaching calls, custom app for independent workouts that are 100% programmed and specific to your goals. The best part about these programs is they can change as you progress. There is always room to add sessions or decrease support as you grow more independent. Every program sets you up to build your confidence, knowledge and resources to feel your best!  

Build Your 12 Week Program

  • Increase energy
  • Move better
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Build strength
  • Improve posture
  • Change body comp – increase lean muscle mass
  • Weight loss – if that’s a goal 
  • Motivation

Step 1 - Complimentary Consultation

No tacky sales pitch. We start by setting up a free consultation. You can share your experience, ask questions and start to discover what types of services and platforms will best support you and help you in achieving your goals. There are never any sales made during this call. You will never be pressured to sign up now & get “this sale”. In fact, no programs are chosen until after your assessment.

Step 2 - Assessment

All programs start with an assessment to help build a strong foundation. You will go through a series of simple movement screens. There is no pass or fail, no sit ups or running. All we’re doing during this time is observing and feeling for any restrictions or movements that need addressing in your programming. This ensures we build strength and release tight muscles that develop overtime due to previous injury or daily movements. You can also opt to have measurements and before pictures taken. 

Step 3 - Recommendations & Review

Based on the information we collect during your assessment and consultation, you will receive a complete summary. All summaries include a recap of your assessment, recommendations for specific workouts, a suggested timeline, and at least 2 different options. There is no commitment & all programs are flexible. Your recommendations are based on experience, adherence, and goals requested.  

Step 4 - Get Started!

Once you choose your program details you are on your way! This is when the fun begins and you officially get started! Don’t wait, you have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation.