You Inspire Me

Motherhood is my greatest blessing; it is also my biggest struggle. It’s yelling all day “go get your shoes”, “stop slamming the door” “get off your brother” “no you can’t have another snack, you just ate a pound of fishies!” “Did you get your shoes on yet!?!” Then lying in bed at night, struck with guilt because I feel like all I did was yell at them.
It’s being yelled at “you’re so mean” because I don’t want their kindle to rot their brain, “it’s not fair” because I want them to get a good night’s sleep. “All you do is work” when all I want to do is stay home and be with them.
But you know what gets me through it all? It’s not the hugs and kisses, and horrible crafts that I date and keep forever, even though those are all so special. What actually holds me together and feel sane is the incredible women who inspire me every single day.
It’s my mom working insane hours & still keeping her 5 adult kids happy through a million texts and 20 facetime calls a day (probably way more). She reminds me no matter what, my kids will always need me & I will be there for them. 
It’s my mom’s busting their asses working hard as ever, sacrificing to provide for their families. It makes me remember no matter how hard it is to have a business, my kids are growing up watching me follow my dreams.
It’s my moms holding down the fort because their husbands travel for work, work crazy hours or decided to not stick around. Your energy and strength reminds me I can handle the 2 hours alone before Greg walks in the door.
It’s my moms who dedicate their existence to homeschooling, sports and their kid’s dreams. It encourages me to get my kids involved in sports even when I’m scared of an even more packed schedule.
It’s my moms who pack their babies up to college reminiscing of the times they were little. I get to experience that time right here, right now. I remember to appreciate them all under my roof, snuggled safe in their beds.
It’s my moms who have experienced loss or infertility that makes me hug my kids harder. Your heart ache becomes my heart ache and for that I try to appreciate all of motherhood, even when I feel like I’m failing. 
Your sorrows, your happiness, your accomplishments, I see them all. They guide me & teach me & I am thankful to all of you. I am reminded daily of even though motherhood is so damn challenging, it is my greatest blessing in the world. You ladies, YOU are what helps make motherhood so special.
💐Happy Mother’s day to each and every one of you. You keep me grounded & remind me I’m not alone is this journey. I love you all xo🥰,

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  1. Such n credible and true words! We are a tribe!

    Thank you for taking the time to write something so amazing. You are one of those women to me!

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