Surviving the Holidays!

We love them, we hate them, and we can’t live without them! The holidays can bring an array of emotions from anticipated excitement to downright anxiety. A full season of celebrations means lots of eating, drinking and for many, packing on a few unwanted pounds. So how can you accomplish staying cheery but not going off the deep end? Follow these 7 tips and you’ll be sure to enter the new year making new resolutions instead of getting setback with last years.

Have a game plan. If you know you’re heading to a big holiday party where you might indulge keep your fat and carbs on the low side during the day. What does that look like? Breakfast could be egg whites, lean turkey bacon and a Greek yogurt. For lunch try grilled chicken with mixed veggies. Sticking to less carbs and fat during the day will give you plenty of wiggle room later

Know your alcohol. Beer, wine and mixed drinks can pack a serious punch to your caloric intake. Stick with clear, light colored alcohol like light beer, rum or vodka. Avoid sugary drinks and dark beers. Drink 8 oz of water for each drink you have to help keep your body hydrated.

Don’t set yourself up to fail. If baking brownies, cookies, and pies galore leaves you with a full blown sugar binge, skip it! Trust me when I say, the gift of giving sweets is over-rated. But don’t miss out on the memories you’d be making in the kitchen with friends and family. Check out sites like Pinterest where you can get tons of easy, fun craft ideas. Your gift will still be thoughtful, fun to make, and home-made.

When in doubt, have a backup plan.Think of it like a “bug out bag.” Keep a bag with water, fresh fruit like an apple or banana, nut mix & granola bar. These dense foods will help curb your appetite and keep you full on the go. This way no matter where your holiday plans take you, you’ll have a healthy snack to keep you feeling energized and hold you over.

Don’t let family and friends pressure you! Chances are, anyone giving you a hard-time is one of two things. 1. Envious of your will power and ability to stick with commitment. or 2. That relative that always makes everyone feel bad. Whichever it is, don’t let them get under your skin and make you feel bad!

Backup plan fails? Sweat it out.Over indulge? Not the end of the world. Take the extra time to regroup, prep your next couple meals and sweat it out. Even adding in a couple walks can make a big impact. Focus on balance and you’ll be right back at it. Exercise is not a form of punishment for what you ate, but it can help you feel great!

Most importantly, enjoy the holiday season! Using these tips can be a big help, but no matter what don’t beat yourself up. Remember the commitment you made for a healthier you. Health and wellness isn’t a temporary diet or a fad; its lifestyle. Happy Holidays! 

Coach Jenn 

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