How Vacations Kill Your Progress

Helllloooo July! Summertime smells like sweet BBQ, smoky campfires and suntan lotion. It’s a time to get outdoors & for many take much needed time off. Maybe you’re planning a scenic road trip, fun beach getaway or relaxing staycation. Wherever your time off takes you, the days tend to be filled with restaurant food, sugary drinks, and all routine thrown out the window. To that I say “BRING IT ON!”

As a fitness coach, you were probably gearing up for these great tips of how to stay “fit and healthy” during your time off. You were expecting a great workout on the beach or how to eat healthy on the boardwalk. Nope, nada, not happening, put the mallow on the graham and enjoy the smore!

"It didn't take you 7 days to gain weight or get shredded, so stop worrying a 7 day vacation is going to kill all your progress."

It didn’t take you 7 days to gain weight or get shredded, so stop worrying a 7 day vacation is going to kill all your progress. The only thing that kills your progress is you worrying that you’re killing your progress and stressing out! Instead, here are some helpful tips to remember during and after vacation:

1. Play like a kid and focus on the things that make you smile. Vacation is a time for fun memories.

2. Wear sunscreen & drink lots of water. (duh)

3. Put the pocket-sized time sucker down. Yes I’m talking about your phone. Of course capture cute, beautiful moments, but we all know your email, work, and social media is attached to that thing. Be in the moment and soak up every second of fun. You and your loved ones deserve it.

4. Gain a couple pounds & don’t freak out. When you’re on vacation you’re probably lounging around and relaxing. (unless you planned a trip to Disney world with small children. Well then, that’s not really a vacation and most of this does not apply. Good luck to you) But if you are on vacation lack of exercise and extra food might make the scale jump. It will be OK! This “gained” weight is easily combatted because its just water weight. As always, throw the scale away. 

5. You need time to relax when you get back. How many times do you feel exhausted when you get home from vacation? Instead of stressing yourself out, allow yourself a day to adjust, catch up on sleep if needed and rehydrate. Sleep, drink water and lightly prepare for your week back to work. (yes, part-time and stay at home parents, I’m still talking to you too!)

You have 365 days in a year. That means even if you’re on vacation for 7-10 days you still have 358-355 days to kick ass. You’re not going to lose all your hard work on one vacation. Vacation doesn’t kill your progress at all. What does kill your progress is the mindset that over-indulging or letting loose sometimes requires punishment or “fixing”. I promise you it does NOT! Fitness is about consistency. A week of going off balance doesn’t mean you’re out. By the time you come back you’ll be excited to get back to your routine. Now go enjoy that time off!

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