Hello Fall!

Fall has finally set in and summer is slowly taking the back seat. Some of us unpacked the Halloween decorations weeks ago, while some of us are holding out until October. Either way, fall festivities are kicking into high gear. In this month’s blog, I share some of my favorite ways to get active and enjoy the season!

1. Apple Picking – Local orchards are a great place to get in steps & enjoy the beautiful weather. One of our favorite local places is a little hidden gem called “Bob White Acres”. (check out the recipe of the month after you pick some delicious apples 🙂

2.  Farm Fresh Fun – Along with apple picking there are so many fun farms to check out. This time of year the fall events are full of corn mazes, pumpkin picking, and hay rides. Not only are you able to get fresh produce, you are supporting local families!

3. Hike the Great Outdoors – Here in PA, our local go to is Bear Creek Mountain. We’ll also venture up to Elk Mountain in mid October for the annual fall festival. There will be vendors, chair lift rides and more. This is definitely one of my favorites!

4. Bonfires & Star Gazing – Bonfires & star gazing are a relaxing way to unwind & enjoy your family and friends. Remember, fitness isn’t just about the moving, reducing stress is equally important! 

5. Play in the Leaves – Raking is most definitely my least favorite outdoor activity. I’ll weed any day, any time over raking! That’s probably why playing in the leaves is so much fun. Yes, even adults should run, jump and romp around. Just be sure to use some rose oils to repel ticks!

6. Fall festival/ Block Party – The planning & fun is never ending. You can look up local events or plan your own. Be on the look out for a Fall Open House here at the studio!

7.  Craft, Carve and be Creative! Fall  is an awesome time to sharpen your skills at reducing stress. Check out my pinterest board with tons of ways to get crafty and have fun. 

8.  Workout in the Park – If you thought the spring and summer were a great time to workout outside, the fall is the absolute most gorgeous, lovely time! (at least in PA 😀 ) You can download my free ebook here for ideas!

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