What makes this program different than others?

How many diets, exercise programs, and miracle remedies have you tried to improve your health? How many friends have told you their great success stories but when you try them you don’t see any results? This is because everyone’s genetics, metabolism, and stress levels all play a major role in ones body composition. While your best friend can take on a greasy cheeseburger, extra-large fry, and wash it down with a large soda, you order a salad, apple slices and water, yet never shed an ounce. Say it out loud, “No two bodies are created equally!”. Together we will find a program that is tailor made to reach your health goals.

Why isn't pricing listing on your website?

Pricing is not listed on the website because all programs are custom created. Many websites offer general pricing because they’re programs are based off of generic templates. Every Shape Into You program is created based solely on your preferences/needs. Variable include support level, exercise routine, nutrition coaching and more. Types of training include, one on one, doubles (2 participants), in-studio, in-home and online.  When you fill out the questionnaire the next step is to schedule a call. During this time you can build a program based on your budget, time, and needs.  

What diet do I have to start during my programs?

NONE! Really, this is not a joke. What’s the catch?  A diet is what you eat EVERYDAY. It is not a short term hell on a plate or miserable liquid breakfast you choke down. Making good food choices is part of a healthy lifestyle. I am committed to helping you implement healthy & reasonable changes. Think small changes, one at a time, to create big changes. What might that look like? Your morning drive thru extra large coffee with extra cream and extra sugar may become a regular coffee with cream and sugar, progressed to home-brewed coffee to maybe even green tea or lemon water. With a little bit of help and encouragement you will be making delicious, healthy food choices all on your own. Good bye crash diets, strict meal plans and calorie counting FOREVER!

What don't you do?

While I am here for you every step of the way in your journey to a healthier you, there are a few things that are left to other professionals.

1. Diagnose – Personal Trainers and health coaches should never diagnose any type of physical or emotional medical concerns, ever.  If problems are suspected, doctor intervention will be recommended. You can however expect to learn about balance, mobility or postural deviations during assessment; if you choose to have them done. Assessments are always optional.
2. Daily Meal Plans – Unless you work with a registered dietitian, it is outside the scope of practice to write any specific meal plans. However, you can expect to learn tips, recipes and portions for preparing meals. You can’t truly live a healthy lifestyle if you don’t learn the basics to making good food choices. It is my goal to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to create great meals; both in advance and on the go.

#1 goal is to keep you safe.

These practices are followed to keep you safe. If you find yourself working with a personal trainer or health coach offering these services, I highly recommend you request their qualifications to ensure they are working within their scope of practice.